JavaScript for Kids

17 June, 2020

JavaScript for Kids

Why is JavaScript programming for kids a good idea?

  • JavaScript is beginner-friendly: Though JavaScript is a professional coding language, it is not too hard for beginners, even for kids who’ve only coded with visual programming languages
  • JavaScript’s code is easy to write and run: All that’s needed to write and run JavaScript is a web browser, so kids can easily experiment with and run their code
  • JavaScript offers opportunity for creativity: JavaScript allows for the creation of many useful and interactive features in web design, and can also be used for developing apps and games
  • JavaScript is great for future opportunities: Learning JavaScript in combination with HTML and CSS can pave the way for a lucrative career as a front-end developer, and many other opportunities!

JavaScript is known as the ‘programming language of the web’. It is used by front-end developers in combination with HTML and CSS to make up the core components of web technology; JavaScript programs the interactivity of a website, HTML the structure, and CSS the style. As well as this, JavaScript can be used for app and game development. Many of the world’s most popular sites use JavaScript, including Google Chrome, Netflix, Uber and PayPal. So, why is JavaScript for kids a good idea?

Future opportunities

JavaScript is beginner-friendly

Although JavaScript is a professional-level coding language, it is beginner-friendly. Familiarity with HTML and CSS will make understanding JavaScript programming easier for kids, but it can also be learnt by those who’ve begun coding with visual block languages such as Scratch. While it can be daunting to move from colourful icon-based interfaces to typed languages, kids will already be familiar with the basic concepts of programming and can take their skills to the next level with JavaScript. As well as this, JavaScript is a high-level programming language, meaning that a lot of the finer detail goes on behind the scenes, and kids can focus on the important parts.

It is easy to write and test JavaScript’s code

JavaScript is an interpreted language, so the code which has been written can be run immediately. Experimentation with JavaScript for beginners is therefore easy and instant feedback is provided. As the ‘language of the web’ and a plain-text language, all that’s needed to run JavaScript is a web browser. There is no need to install any separate programs or server environments or upload files in order to write the code. This makes JavaScript ideal for kids, as they can learn it in in a familiar platform. What’s more, JavaScript is a standardised language, meaning that its features remain broadly the same across all browsers.

Coding manuals

JavaScript offers much opportunity for creativity

While HTML and CSS only program the appearance of a website, JavaScript allows the user to interact with the site. Just some of the things that JavaScript does include scrolling, drop-down menus, clickable icons, autocomplete, displaying pictures, and playing video and audio recordings. It is easy to grasp the potential opportunities of JavaScript programming for kids when you know that JavaScript is behind all of these useful features! Though JavaScript was created for designing websites, it can also be used for developing apps and games for computers and mobiles, making JavaScript even more interesting for kids. To help them create projects, there are plenty of third-party JavaScript libraries and even JavaScript frameworks available, as well as a huge number of online resources and forums to help with JavaScript for beginners.

Learning JavaScript is great for future opportunities

To use JavaScript to its maximum potential kids must also learn HTML and CSS. Though this may sound like a lot when considering learning JavaScript for beginners, it is worth bearing in mind that these languages fully integrate with each other and knowledge of them together is a fast track to a front-end development job, one of the most lucrative and in-demand of all developer jobs. Other career opportunities include full stack Web & App development, and information security software development. This is another reason why JavaScript programming for kids is such an attractive opportunity.

JavaScript coding

JavaScript for kids at CodeAdvantage

CodeAdvantage offers online JavaScript programming for kids in our Web & App development courses. These courses are suitable for kids aged 10-15, though this can be adjusted depending on your child’s requirements and abilities. These classes merge teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving while providing valuable technical learning. Kids will learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript for beginners to develop their web design skills, starting with basic HTML webpages, moving onto making their sites more engaging with JavaScript, and then expertly layering the three languages to create a fully customised project.

At CodeAdvantage we have designed special new online Web & App development classes just for this summer, as part of our online coding summer camps. What better time to pick up a new skill and feel inspired?

  • The Olympics Games might have been put on hold, but in Web & App development: Olympic Glory, your kids will bring the Olympics to their screen by designing a dynamic sports-themed website complete with media files and interactive content, learning the fundamentals of Web & App development whilst using their creative skills.
  • Although travelling isn’t an option right now, with Web & App development: Global Explorer, kids have the chance to research, build, and design a website based on a country of their choice, and understand how the World Wide Web allows sharing information and ideas across the entire globe.
  • In Web & App development: Workshop, kids with some prior experience of coding can learn how to bring their ideas and creativity to life, as our instructors guide them through the steps of building, designing, editing, and publishing a website.

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