Web & App Development

Web & App Development with HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Ages: 10-13*

Course Overview:

We all use web-based apps to shop, communicate, play games, and so much more!

This course teaches the building blocks to program and design interactive websites with emphasis on creative design and technical learning. Students develop customized web-based apps and games for smartphones.

In this intuitive, step-by-step class, students will “layer” these 3 components to build and customize dynamic websites and mobile-friendly apps.

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is used to lay down the framework/structure
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) takes care of presentation and visuals
  • JavaScript (JS for short) sets the behavior and level of interactivity

Key Skills students will build in class:

Level 1: Learn the building blocks of web development and create mobile-friendly webpages and apps with added graphics and visuals

Level 2: Bring apps, interactive games, and websites to life with all kinds of interactive features

Level 3: Customize and create your own web-based apps and games using more advanced developer tools

Examples of student projects:

Multimedia websites (mobile-friendly), Mad Libs mini game, calculator app, pong games, virtual zoo, photo gallery, embeddable animations, and more!

*These are recommended age ranges. We can adjust based on your child’s needs and abilities.

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