Ages: 9-11

Course Overview:

Using Pygame, a powerful set tools for Python game design, students will have a blast remaking the classic video game “Asteroids” and putting a modern “Among Us” twist on it!

Key Skills students will build in class:
1. Learning Pygame for Python, a powerful game creating toolset
2. Recreating classic game-styles and concepts, as well as customizing the game with your own graphics
3. Understanding and effectively applying Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

*These are recommended age ranges. We can adjust based on your child’s needs and abilities.

Easy Guide for Pygame

What is Pygame?

Kids need to have an interest in coding so they can learn it successfully. Kids love to play video games more. So now they can learn to code through developing video games because it has several visual elements and playable outcome. Graphical programming languages like Scratch and Kodu are more suitable for younger kids, but these platforms offer limited games. Older kids who have good typing abilities can learn text-based languages like Python, and Pygame can help them do this.

Pygame is a Python-based library that comprises different modules (files containing code). It helps in developing 2D video games and other multimedia programs. Pygame is famous across the globe and can help kids learn to code and develop exciting things.

Is Python Programming Language good for Kids?

Python is one of the most common coding languages worldwide and plays a significant role in the big data and machine language industries. It is simple to learn even for kids compared with other text-based coding languages like Java due to the following reasons:

  • Firstly, it is easy for a budding code to learn because most of Python’s complex syntax processes are behind the scene.
  • Secondly, Python’s syntax is the same as standard English, so it is easy to understand, read, and write.
  • Some programming is complicated and coded in long lines. On the contrary, Python uses fewer lines of code, so it reduces the chance for mistakes.

Python’s philosophy, recognized as The Zen of Python, explains that “Beautiful is better than ugly, simple is better than complex, the complex is better than complicated, readability counts.”

It can be complex for a new coder to learn Graphics programming. It is favorable for kids to learn Pygame to get commands over using Python. It can allow them to learn simple games and programs and some essential functions like lists, strings, and variables and understand importing programs from several resources. Kids can learn Pygame in a fun way when they get comfortable using Python and have command over coding concepts.

Pygame for Kids is Simple

Pygame is an easy and beginner-friendly platform for kids and adults. As discussed above, the syntax of Python is easy to write and simple, so Pygame code is also simple. It is important to note that Python 3.7.7 version is simpler for new coders.

In addition, kids can download programs writer by other users to form their code. For this, they can use the Python Package Index (a repository of software developed by other Python users) to get the source code for several games. You can find multiple game programs and download extra features like a touch interface. Moreover, it offers widgets in GUI libraries that is outside of Pygame that you can download. So, kids can create their game without needing to write the complex code themselves.

In addition, Pygame Zero is a simple version of the program. It already incorporates all common elements that users need to put together on Pygame. So, the new coder can enjoy this opportunity. Even your kid can select any version of Pygame and take inspiration from online tutorials. It is highly customizable, and it compiles each game separately.

Interestingly, kids can insert their images and mp3 files and have complete control. Furthermore, they can select user input as per their choice and play their game with mouse and keyboard, or joystick. These features enable kids to develop various games on Pygame, including multiple strategy games, retro arcades, puzzles, and sudokus. Notably, some advanced coders can rebuild popular games like Flappy Bird and Super Mario.

Global Community of Game Developers

Pygame allows users to create open-source, shareware, freeware, and commercial games. Kids can take help from previous projects of coders as well as they can do their tasks. Several games created on Pygame are present on the official website. Interestingly, their creators got awarded at video games festivals like the IndieCade Festival of Independent for games like the ‘Sundance’ in the video game industry.

How to Use Pygame?

Python and Pygame are free to download and are compatible with every operating system like Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, your kids do not need to have the latest piece of hardware for learning to code.
You need to install Python on your computer to use Pygame. Then, you can use Python Package Installer – known as ‘pip’ to install Pygame. After setting up the game window, you need to import the Pygame modules by typing ‘import Pygame’ and then ‘Pygame. Init ()’ to initialize Pygame. After this all process, your kid can start coding.

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