Code Control

micro:bit Code Control

Ages: 8-10*

Equipment cost and shipping is included in class price.

Course Overview:

If your child loves to play video games, give them even more power to code and control the game with the micro:bit circuit board!

In this “hands-on” class, we program a handheld micro:bit circuit board to become our own video game console! With tons of features, these circuit boards are a great tool to teach complex controller dynamics by programming a wide set of game types including Flappy Bird, Obstacle Scroller, and the Dinosaur Game.

Progressing to increasingly advanced game designs, kids will program features such as reaction time, smoother motion and more complex "Jumper" styles!

Key Skills students will build in class:
1. Linking and using controller hardware in video games that use dual input concepts and better mimic console gaming
2. Creating games that use unlimited custom designs and smooth gameplay
3. Using variables to effectively track game stats and information

*These are recommended age ranges. We can adjust based on your child’s needs and abilities.

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