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Get the gang together again, in a LIVE online coding class!

Technology can bring us closer and open new educational pathways to help our children gain critical skills while having fun!

CodeAdvantage is a great fit for your child's learning journey because:

  1. Children love spending time with their friends.
  2. Friends love learning together.

Whatever your school year, school break, or summer looks like, My Friends Online gives you LIVE coding classes can help to satisfy your child's needs for personal connection, enrichment, and growth.

My Friends Online allows you to curate an online learning experience for you child and their friends. You pick the learners, class, day, time, and frequency. We provide the Rockstar Instructor, an exciting project-based coding curriculum, and the fun!

My Friends Online will check the box on most of your goals for extracurricular activities and enrichment.

  • Enrich your child’s education with critical STEM/Coding skills not often taught in schools.
  • Find flexible online coding classes that work your family’s schedule.
  • Have fun with friends while learning from talented, experienced, and engaging LIVE instructors!

Pricing for My Friends Online

When you build a class with at least six learners, our My Friends Online is $195/child for a camp or class.

Benefits beyond the class.
  • Access to an online portal that maps the learning journey.
  • Concept review content.
  • Additional enrichment activities.
  • Digital badging.
  • Class time text reminders!

Your Child’s Coding Journey

Your child can become a Certified Pro by following our class progression to achieve expert status in block coding, game design, AND real world coding! We award digital badges and certificates after completion of each coding module to acknowledge your child’s achievement!

Click on any class below to learn more!


My Friends Online and Private Online learners can also take LEGO ® – based robotics classes. These classes are a little different in that they require the purchase of a LEGO® Education robotics kit. For more information, please visit our Robotics Page.

How to Launch a My Friends Online Class!


Select the class your child wants to take. Decide on frequency, day(s), and class time(s). Classes can run once a week, twice a week, or even every day of the week in one or two hour blocks.


Email the parents of your child's friends! Share the link to this page as well as the classes you are considering, and the schedule you are shooting for. Classes can accommodate up to seven students.


When you have the students and schedule firmed up, click on the registration link below and complete our online form! Our Customer Service Team will reply with an email confirming all the details of your class and instructor availability. After that, we will send registration emails and invoices to the parents of the learners in your My Friends Online class!

The link will bring you to an online form where you can submit all your class details.

It's the little things.

With fluid family schedules, even the most organized parent can forget a class. We get it! So, we send a gentle text nudge if your child is unexpectedly missing from a session.

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