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What are the technical requirements? What type of computer does my child need to take class?

  1. Computer: For the BEST classroom experience, we recommend a computer (laptop/desktop). Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks can only be used for select classes (as noted in the class descriptions.)  If you choose to use an iPad/tablet, your child will require a second device so that they can join the zoom room and interact with the instructor and class. 
  2. A headset with microphone provides the best learning environment so your child and the class can hear one another without background noise and disruption.
  3. A web camera
PC Mac Chromebook iPad/Tablet
Scratch Jr
Web Development
Minecraft Club
Roblox Build
Roblox Code
Minecraft Java Mods
Minecraft Modding: Java
Robotics Online *
3D Video Game Design

* Required for Robotics Online: Lego WEDO 2.0 kit

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