Robotics for Kids

8 June, 2020

Robotics for Kids

Why should kids learn robotics?

  • Learn through playing: Robotics is a hands-on activity which teaches kids through real-world experimentation, creating and playing.
  • Gain transferable skills: Kids will acquire problem solving and logical thinking skills, exercise their creativity, enhance their knowledge of STEM subjects, and get an introduction to coding
  • Get awareness of topical issues and future opportunities: Robotics is linked to many pressing real-world issues, and learning robotics can open up many future doors for your kids

Robotics for kids

The term ‘robotics’ has many exciting connotations for kids – space exploration, futuristic worlds, sci-fi films… Yet robotics is not just a distant concept present only in high-tech labs, but is a tangible activity that kids can get involved in even at a young age, which can be hugely entertaining and pave the way for future opportunities.

Learning through playing

STEM concept

From the youngest age, we learn through experimenting, building, and playing games. Robotics for kids introduces STEM concepts through creating and playing, and as an interactive activity it particularly suits kinaesthetic learners: whilst some kids may be captivated by computer software and content to learn via on-screen activities, others prefer a more hands-on approach.

Gaining transferable skills and STEM knowledge

CodeAdvantage lesson

Robotics can help kids develop transferable skills and expertise in various STEM subjects. Kids will acquire computational thinking, logical thinking, problem solving and experimental skills, and learn to use their creativity and imagination. They will build on the knowledge acquired at school and gain a practical understanding of some concepts of mechanics, engineering and physics (for example friction, momentum, electricity, and gravity) to successfully build their robot.

Robotics provides an excellent introduction to coding. As a robot cannot do anything without an underlying programme governing its actions, kids must learn the key concepts of programming in order to bring their robot to life. For kids who already have some experience with coding, robotics takes it to an exciting new level – where they’ve previously programmed avatars to move and react to certain stimuli on-screen, now they can see how their programming skills translate into real life!

Discovering real-world issues and future opportunities

CodeAdvantage working place

Learning about robotics will reveal to kids the diverse roles that robots play in (and out of!) our world – from Lunar Rovers to remote control cars to bionic limbs. An interest in robotics can initiate discussion of topical issues which kids may already be aware of, such as Artificial Intelligence, military robots, automation in the workplace, and driverless cars. What’s more, getting to grips with robotics at a young age can spark inspiration and provide a springboard to lucrative opportunities in many disciplines of engineering.

Louis, CodeAdvantage robotics instructor

Robotics for kids develops critical thinking, cooperation, overall comprehension and inspires creativity while using computer and hands on skills which are all necessary in STEM fields. Most importantly, kids are having fun while building unique robots and learning the fundamentals of coding. The application of these skills are limitless.

Robotics Classes at CodeAdvantage

CodeAdvantage learning

For a valuable and fun introduction to robotics for kids, look no further than CodeAdvantage’s Robotics Classes. Our project-based courses give students practical applications for their knowledge in engaging, welcoming environments, and are designed by robotic controls engineers with backgrounds in aerospace and physics. CodeAdvantage’s robotics classes are available as after-school programs or can be scheduled as private lessons. As our classes involve hands-on projects and equipment, they are not available online.

CodeAdvantage offers robotics classes to suit all ages and abilities:

  • 1st and 2nd graders can join our Kidbots junior robotics course, which provides an introduction to both coding and robotics in a fun and creative environment.
  • For 3rd to 5th graders we offer Earthbot Engineers and Robo Zoo – Anibots.
    - Earthbot Engineers combines coding, robotics, physics (and even a bit of geology) as students program their robots to navigate mountains, withstand the heat of volcanoes, and survive the pressure of the deep sea.
    - In Robo Zoo classes kids will learn about animals and how the design of their bodies helps them perform specific tasks, thinking about physics and mechanics as they build their robots.
  • 6th to 8th graders can get involved in LEGO-based robotics classes – Flying Spacebots and Extreme Robot Engineering.
    o Flying Spacebots is an out-of-this-world course where students design and programme space rovers to explore the Solar System.
    o Kids will build and code robots for a variety of tasks in Extreme Robot Engineering, gaining a real-world understanding of the concepts of physics.
Kevin, CodeAdvantage robotics instructor

Robotics for kids is a wonderfully interactive way to learn about robotics and programming fundamentals. Students from 3rd to 5th grade love to build a Lego creation then watch it come alive with a few blocks of code. Kids get to have tons of fun while still learning hands on about the foundations of engineering and STEM.

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