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We have lots of ways your child can learn to code, turn their gaming interest into learning critical skills, and have fun while working with our Rockstar instructors.

Our Advanced Coder journey is great for 6th-8th graders

It’s time to get ahead of the coding curve! With these classes, students will get valuable experience working with “real world” programming languages, unleashing their creativity and problem solving skills in a variety of exciting ways!

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Online Coding Camp/Class Schedules

Weekly Classes (1 hour/week for 8 weeks)

Day Time Class Grade level Session Dates Price
Thursday 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST Python Level 1
No iPads or Tablets
6th - 8th Jan 11 - Feb 29 $225
Python Level 1
No iPads or Tablets
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EST
Grade Level
6th - 8th
Session Dates
Jan 11 - Feb 29

Don’t see a week that works for your schedule? Create your Own Camp.

Looking for a different time? CREATE YOUR OWN CLASS for your child and 5 friends to fit your schedule. Prices start at $195 per child. Or consider a private class ($39-$59/hour).

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Classes can be taken in any order based on your child’s interests and experience


Python (6th-8th)

Ever wonder how YouTube, Google, or Instagram were created? Python.

Python is a powerful, “typed” language that will allow students to build a series of applications and explore complex graphics, animation, and sound to become a “real world” programmer!

This versatile and widely used programming language is a great next step for experienced programmers. It also offers an “on-ramp” for middle school students ready to learn to code!

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Web & App Development

Web & App Development (6th-8th)

We all use web-based apps to shop, communicate, play games, and so much more!

This course teaches the building blocks to program and design interactive websites with emphasis on creative design and technical learning. Students build and customize dynamic websites and mobile-friendly apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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AI Gaming & Machine Learning

AI Gaming & Machine Learning (6th-8th)

Everything from your robotic vacuum to Alexa to self-driving cars use AI and Machine Learning to function.

In this course, students explore concepts related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through the lens of gaming! Students create complex competitive games (such as PONG, Platformer, and AI Monster Runner) while learning how to program game characters with AI functionality, vary difficultly levels in interactive games, and use machine learning in game play!

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Minecraft Modding: Java

Minecraft Modding: Java (6th-8th)

Modding in Minecraft is one of the best ways for kids to learn computer science – students can use their imaginations and knowledge of Java (a widely used programming language) to create custom, unique mods. Students have a great time while learning proper Java syntax and developing customized games and programs.

Each themed class below has a specific focus and can be taken in any order! Best of all, kids can test, play, and share their mods so the entire class can play together using their own Minecraft server.

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All our Advanced Coder classes have been designed to offer your 6th-8th grader an amazing opportunity to learn about coding and game design. We have other coding journeys available depending on your child’s age and interest area:

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