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Awesome LIVE Online Coding Classes for Kids

US Based Instructors
US Based Instructors

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors engage with all students to create a fun and social environment. All instructors have prior experience working with kids and are pursuing careers in STEM.

Skill Based Curriculum & Certification
Skill Based Curriculum & Certification

Celebrate your child’s achievements with badges and certificates. We developed our own project-based lessons so kids can learn and apply coding concepts to their own creations!!

Classes that fit with your schedule
Classes that fit with your schedule

Take classes that fit YOUR schedule – small group classes, custom classes with your child’s friends, private lessons, and camps during summer and school breaks.

Advantage Portal
Advantage Portal

Our Portal is with you every step of the way: text reminders, enrichment, certificates, exclusive discounts, and more!
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Your Child's Advantage Plan

Plan step 1

1. Get them started on their Coding Journey

Plan step 2

2. Watch your child’s interest in coding grow as they create fun projects in each class!

Plan step 3

3. Feel confident your child is staying ahead of the curve and gaining critical skills!

Your Child’s Coding Journey

Your child can become a Certified Pro by following our class progression to achieve expert status in block coding, game design, AND real world coding! We award digital badges and certificates after completion of each coding module to acknowledge your child’s achievement!

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Elena and son Andrew

The quality of your classes has been amazing. You are doing better with online learning than my son's small private school! He loves his classes and the instructors! We will be signing up for many more classes!

Elena and son Andrew, 4th grade, Maryland
CodeInspire CodeInspire

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Classes for K-2nd graders

Classes for 3rd-5th graders

Classes for 6th-8th+ graders

Online Coding Class Schedules & Registration

Scratch Jr

Ages: 5-7

Learning to code at any age is beneficial to students. Similar to learning another language, early exposure can help a child pick it up with confidence and ease With coding, the earlier children learn coding fundamentals - they can apply it to any programming language they study over time.

3D Video Game Design

Ages: 6-8

One of the best ways to get kids excited is to allow them to create something of their own. In this exciting Intro to Coding, students bring their imaginations to life in full, 3D color!

Minecraft Club

Ages: 6-8

In this course kids will be able to recreate a number of real life structures in-game, while learning about a variety of important topics including architecture, physics, and circuitry. Students will love learning how to make a farmhouse, a roller coaster, and even a Rube Goldberg machine


Ages: 8-10

This class provides a powerful learning tool for budding programmers– using an advanced block coding format, Scratch teaches fundamental programming concepts also used in more complex languages such as Java and Python.

Roblox Build

Ages: 6-8

Build and play in your own 3D worlds with Roblox Studio! Students will have the chance to stretch their creative minds by building games such as a fun obstacle course and a high speed racing game.

Roblox Code

Ages: 9-11

In this course, students will design, code and play their own 3D worlds with Roblox Studio! Students code using the programming language Lua which is currently the leading scripting language used in games. Roblox’s special version of this language – Roblox Lua, enhances the experience as students manipulate environments and program while having fun.

Web & App Development

Ages: 10-13

This course emphasizes components of both creative design and technical learning – encouraging students to embrace teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving as they progress on their coding journey!


Ages: 10-13

This versatile and widely used programming language is a great next step for experienced programmers. It also offers a “on-ramp” to middle school students ready to learn to code! With user-friendly interfaces and syntax, Python is a powerful, “typed” language that will allow students to build a series of applications and games.

Minecraft Java Mods

Ages: 8-11*

By modifying (modding) Minecraft’s underlying code, kids create powerful objects and special powers that do not normally exist in the game.
In our classes, kids learn to code their own mods using a drag and drop interface - students literally “hack” the game and bring their imaginations to life - all while learning Java fundamentals (a widely used programming language).

Minecraft Modding: Java

Ages: 11-13*

Modding in Minecraft is one of the best ways for kids to learn computer science – students can use their imaginations and knowledge of Java (a widely used programming language) to create custom, unique mods. In these exciting classes, we give students a chance to bring their creativity and problem-solving skills together.

CodeAdvantage featured in the press:

What Type of Online Coding Classes for Kids is Best?

Best for Surer Outcomes: With high-quality teaching, screen sharing, video streaming and remote control, live online classes keep your child progressing and having fun. Because these classes can do most everything possible in a physical class, students don’t need to struggle with attention span and persistence problems.

Best for Cost and Flexibility: Because they lack help and encouragement, self-taught courses aren’t great for beginning coders, young coders, and especially kids just beginning. Advanced students without much time or who can push through hurdles can learn efficiently at a lower cost.

Online Kids Coding Classes with Live Teachers vs Self-Taught Classes

Will your child do well in an online coding class? Check out our article comparing traditional coding classes to online offerings to be sure. If you’re open to them, you might have gotten, or are bound to get, overwhelmed trying to sort through the wide array of coding classes available online. To make headway, first decide whether your child could do a self-paced course or would need live classes. Although beginner coding material doesn’t vary much, most kids respond much better to a live instructor and group setting. However, we all know a child or former child who can whiz through material alone or with little guidance and oversight.

Learning Materials

Live: One benefit of online coding classes is that students often get more attention. With low student-to-teacher ratios, the teacher can feel out their abilities and interests. Then they often cater to their audience a little. In addition to the extra fun that may entail, they may move along faster than they would in a class with more students or in a self-paced class.

Self-Taught: For children who advance quickly, or the odd programming prodigy, finding a class with comparable students might be challenging. Private classes are one option. A self-paced course can be more cost-effective if your child can work through quickly or skip ahead. Many students, however, will not end up with a thorough understanding of programming and might get too bored to finish or actually learn.

Level of Support

Live: As most people can imagine, there is a lot of new information to digest in a coding class. Questions usually abound. Teachers can address these issues when they’re live. In our lessons, teachers can access the precise cause of children’s specific problem when they share their screen. Better yet, teachers can get students over a difficult hump or fix a problem by taking control of the child’s computer.

Self-taught: Teachers are the magic-makers for children’s learning. Without them, many kids end up frustrated and give up when they’re stuck. It’s true that Google is wise nowadays. Yet many adult coders find conflicting information when trying to solve problems on programming forums. Without personal coding experience and the time to assist, they may not get past the more basic levels. If your child has talent and persistence, ensure you choose a course with online support chats.

Community Interaction

Live: Although online classes via a video platform like Zoom might seem lonely, they’re actually quite sociable. Children can still work with friends, show their work to others and hear others’ reactions. True, it’s not as interactive as a physical class. Auditory learners benefit from this type of live instruction. In our lessons, children get opportunities to talk, ask questions, help friends and hear others’ concerns and the answers, all of which help solidify their coding skills and knowledge.

Self-taught: It’s not unheard of for the number of learners in a self-paced class to be in the thousands. Inspiration, help and buddies are available through chats and project sharing. Be sure to choose a class only for kids.

Time Commitment

Live: In an increasingly virtual learning world, finding lessons that fit into your child’s schedule shouldn’t be difficult. Do plan to set up and prepare your child’s computer, or have them do so, at least ten minutes before the lessons go-time.

Self-taught: Busy families enjoy self-paced learning. While some courses have deadlines, most offer a lot of flexibility. However, without someone to enforce the lesson plans and learning schedules, all but the most motivated often drop off.


Live: Live lessons are typically more expensive, but usually offer a better return on investment. That’s because they offer small class sizes and the accompanying attention. One benefit is that if you have two kids near the same age, they can share a screen.

Self-taught: Some drawbacks do result from a lower price, including a lack of quality. However, some great learning platforms like Khan Academy and Scratch are free. A combination that often works is to have them take free online courses and purchase live classes when possible.

Other Important Considerations

Live: Our teachers are like super-hero motivators and inspirers. They transmit enthusiasm for coding, instead of just relaying information, monitoring or worse yet, scolding.

Self-Taught: While many great untimed coding classes exist online, most aren’t geared for children. Be sure to investigate how the information is portrayed and how complex it is so you know that it has been designed for your kid’s age.

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